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Our world is changing faster than ever, and there has never been more opportunity for students to soar in STEM! As the 4th Industrial Revolution redefines life as we know it, students today are in a unique position to help build a better world for us all by harnessing the power of technological innovation.

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Helping Cyber Savvy Students Lean into STEM Success

Introduce students to exciting innovations in Cybersecurity, Artificial Intelligence, and Data Science, and meet the awesome STEM pros who are redefining roles and improving our world. Girls4Tech empowers young people to embrace digital connectivity and explore creative solutions to real-world challenges in tech.

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Data Science

Discover the digital tools and STEM skills a real-world cybersecurity pro uses to fight cybercrime and hacking online.

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Candice (Sik Suen) Chan
Data Science Manager, NuData-Mastercard

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